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At Landside Freight Services we can provide a variety of Container Packs and Unpacks including FCL (Full Container Load) / FAK (Freight All Kind) Unpacks

We can handle your time sensitive container packs and unpacks quickly and economically, ensuring timely delivery to your valued clients. At Landside Freight Services we pride ourselves on our ability to provide minimal wait times for unloading and loading your cargo.

Full Container Load – FCL

A standard (twenty or forty-foot) container that is loaded and unloaded under the risk and account of the shipper or consignee. In general, a full container load attracts lower freight rates than an equivalent weight of loose (break bulk) cargo, can also be referred to as a full trailer load (FTL).

Freight All Kind – FAK

Shipping industry term for a carrier’s tariff classification for various kinds of goods that are pooled and shipped together at one freight rate. Consolidated shipments are generally classified as FAK.

As these containers packs and unpacks are usually a mixture of products Landside Freight Services can take care of the Packing together or Unpacking of these items so they are dispatched to the relevant destinations quickly and efficiently.

We can take care of all your Container Packs and Unpacks